About Saskia

GZ psychologist, mindfulness and yoga teacher and the founder of
House of Awareness

About Saskia

Meet Saskia,

a GZ psychologist, mindfulness and yoga teacher and the founder of House of Awareness

Her mission is to help as many people as possible live a pleasant life. To help people with anxiety, depression and PTSD symptoms, she integrates Western psychology and ancient Eastern wisdom. During her quest to deal with her own life experiences, she discovered the transformative power of meditation and psychedelics which prompted her to create a place where mindfulness, psychedelics and psychology come together.

As a psychologist, she works extensively with schema therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and mindfulness. During her career of over fifteen years, Saskia uses evidence-based treatment methods and has developed a unique approach. She helps people struggling with trauma, anxiety and depression face their pain and develop joy and well-being. She combines scientifically proven methods from psychology and mindfulness for a holistic journey to self-acceptance.

Saskia now dives further into psychedelic therapy training. Her personal journey with psychedelics, from initial challenges to profound insights, fuels her passion to help others experience healing and transformation, including being able to safely experience psychedelics.

As Saskia pursues her psychedelic therapy training through October 2024, she remains dedicated to discovering and integrating different aspects of herself. With a background rooted in personal growth, psychology and the profound impact of meditation and psychedelics, Saskia strives to share the potential for tremendous healing with those striving for a joyful life. A joyful life, according to Saskia, does not mean a life of only pleasure. On the contrary, it is about accepting life as it is, which gives real joy.

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