into the world of psychedelics

As a GZ psychologist, I will take you on

my journey to becoming a psychedelic therapist.

I am happy to help you clear your fears and doubts.

It is my mission to support as many people as possible in their journey to self-acceptance. Personally, I am very excited about the possible effects of psychedelics. But since this is not yet a recognized form of treatment, I cannot give advice on this as a counselor. However, I can share my knowledge so that people can come to their own decision and be aware of the risks. With my blog, I hope to contribute to increasing knowledge and take you into this fascinating world.


Happy Clients

Thank you very much for your knowledge, wisdom and loving care. With you, I was able to connect with my body through body scanning, and this helped me relax and become more centered and grounded. I also learned that with meditation you can go deep into your mind and create CHANGE on a deeper level. Then, I realized that others can have similar problems with me. All in all, it was a very powerful experience that changed me profoundly and permanently. Totally recommended!

Testimonial Sofia Polykreti for house of awareness van nieuwkerk psychology
Sofia Polykreti

Psychedelics in the media

Area of Expertise

Mindfulness is being present in the present moment with conscious attention, without judgment. Meditation is a way to be in this state.

Saskia is a big fan of meditation and mindfulness and has been practicing it for more than a decade. She is a trained mindfulness trainer and Yoga Nidra teacher. Meditation and mindfulness are important tools she uses to help people connect more deeply with themselves and life.

Psychology is the study of human behavior and inner life (thoughts, feelings, motives and desires). A psychologist can help you gain more insight into these aspects of yourself and break through blockages. In 2010, Saskia graduated as a neuropsychologist. She has been working as a GZ psychologist since 2018. More information about Saskia’s approach as a psychologist can be found



Living with purpose, a positive self-image, resilience and satisfaction are things that contribute to good mental health. People with good mental health can cope more easily with life’s challenges. If you are under a lot of stress, have experienced unpleasant things and don’t feel good about yourself, it can lead to psychological symptoms. In the Netherlands, people with psychological complaints are treated within the GGZ, or Mental Health Care.

Life always has ups and downs. Sometimes people experience such intense events that they fail to process them and get stuck in feelings of fear, anger, sadness or loneliness. These feelings can have a strong effect on the body and lead to persistent tension, re-experiences, nightmares, avoidance, negative thoughts and irritability or increased alertness.

Saskia specializes in working with people with (complex) trauma. She has been working with various treatment methods, including EMDR and schema therapy, for more than a decade.

Although psychedelics are not yet recognized as treatments within the mental health system, they can be an important tool for coming to deep insights about yourself. Starting in late 2024, Saskia will offer retreats. You can register for the waiting list now and will be the first to be notified when registrations reopen.


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